Why Dominic Brown Will Bounce Back

Domonic Brown had an abysmal year in 2014. Brown only hit .235, only hit 10 dingers, and was ranked MLB’s worst everyday left fielder by Sporting News.

But, things are looking up for Brown in 2015. Here’s why:

Moving back to RF

Pay attention to what I am saying, and what I am not saying here. There was a certain player who was shifted out of his natural defensive position and his offensive numbers declined because of it. That player? Mike Trout, you’ve heard of him? Domonic Brown is certainly no Mike Trout, but defensive adjustments can take a toll on your entire game.

Mike Schmidt‘s knowledge 

During the week, Jimmy Rollins broke Mike Schmidt’s Phillies hits record, Schmidt was in Philly to watch the record fall. Domonic Brown, while Schmidt was with the team for a week, asked Schmidt what he could do to get out of his season long slump. Schmidt’s advice (“use you’re top hand more”) turned into a three-run homerun in his very next at bat. While that may be a coincidence, Brown is going to get to pick Schmidt’s brain a little more this spring training.

The Phillies are running a new practice system this spring; each hitting coach is assigned a certain number of players to work with one-on-one. Dom Brown is with Schmidt. There aren’t many better to learn from, and if anyone can bring a player out of a slump at the plate, it should be Mike Schmidt.


In his final 22 games, Brown hit .271 with three home runs(30% of his home run total). Those are decent numbers to end the year on. And looking back at Brown’s season total numbers, those last 22 games look like the 2013 Brown.

Let’s not forget that Brown is only 27 and has less than one thousand professional at bars. He’s still growing.

Brown, and the entire Phillies organization, believe 2015 will be a better year for Brown in all aspects of his game. The truth is: it can’t get much worse.

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