Power Rankings: Top 20 Outfielders in ’15

  1. Giancarlo Stanton (Miami Marlins)

We all know what makes Giancarlo Stanton so special; his ability to hit for power comes incredibly easy for him. Stanton is only 25 years old, and in five years has gained the momentum that a HOF player needs. The Marlins top slugger has hit 154 HR in his first five years, which is an average output of 30.8 homers per year. Stanton has had his trouble with some minor injuries, and because of this, has only had over 600 AB once in his career. Going into this year, Stanton is fully healthy and certainly won’t be worried about paying his mortgage when he’s at the plate.

Stanton is an underrated defender with a strong are that can cover ground. His jump in defensive ability from 2013 to 2014 is evident on paper (-7 DSR in 2013, 7 DSR in 2014) and with the eye test. And just in case Stanton can’t make a play, he has Marcell Ozuna (11 DSR in 2014) and Christian Yelich (10 DSR in 2014) there to back him up.

The Miami Marlins seem to think that Giancarlo Stanton is worth $325-million, and it’s not easy to say that he isn’t. Looking at the 20 longest home-runs in 2014, only one player appears on the list more than once. Stanton hit five of those 20.

We know what Giancarlo Stanton can do; now I want to see if he can lead a team to the playoffs.

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