Power Rankings: Top 20 Outfielders in ’15

  1. Alex Gordon (Kansas City Royals)

Are you surprised to see Alex Gordon ranked so high? In that case, you must not have read the opening paragraph of this article. Gordon is, of course, not an All-Star at the plate, and will never be a number one option in fantasy; however, in real-life baseball, he is an irreplaceable asset. Gordon is the best defensive outfielder in the league today and is a huge reason why the Kansas City Royals went to the World Series in 2014 (did you already forget about that?).

Gordon strikes out too much; he doesn’t get on base enough; he doesn’t hit for average like he did in the middle of his career. This much we know; these stats are right there on the page for you to look at. But, these stats aren’t who Alex Gordon really is. Alex Gordon is the kid who you played baseball with in high school; who had to work harder than everybody else to be as good as them. When you’re showing your kids how to play baseball, Alex Gordon is the type of guy you show them.

If you don’t believe me, just watch him play. Give Gordon the good old-fashioned eye-test and you’ll see what I mean. The Gold Glover (for four consecutive years) is only 31 years of age and is ready to lead a young team once again.

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