Power Rankings: Top 20 Outfielders in ’15

  1. Adam Jones (Baltimore Orioles)

Adam Jones absolutely deserves to be number five on this list. I don’t feel that I should have to defend this ranking; but I do. I think that a big problem with Jones’ game is that he is not as memorable as Trout, Puig, Harper, Stanton, etc. But, Jones has been good for a long time and deserves every single MVP vote he’s getting, and then some.

Since 2011, Jones has hit at least 25 HR every year (with two years over 30), and at least 80 RBI every year (and has gone over 90 twice). His batting average in that time is a solid .284, but solid might not cut it.

Jones hit .281 last year, but with only 13 walks and 133 K’s, know we see the real flaw in Jones’ game. Jones had the worst walk percentage among all qualified outfielders in 2014 (3rd worst in the league) at just 3.6%. There is only one positive thing I can say about this; he has taken very few walks his whole career (4.3 career percentage) and hasn’t suffered too much from it.

Jones is a four-time All-Star, one-time Silver Slugger, four-time Gold Glover, and has finished top 15 in AL MVP voting three times; but, I believe we still haven’t seen his best year.

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