Power Rankings: Top 10 Closers in ’15

  1. David Robertson (Chicago White Sox)

David Robertson has been overlooked much of his career; I guess sitting behind Mariano Rivera will do that to a guy. In 2014 Robertson finally had his chance to be the closer for the Yankees after being a set-up man for Mo for so long. This opportunity, however, may not have been what Robertson was looking for. Robertson had a fine year in 2014, closing out 39 ball games with saves for the Yankees; but, there was another man who may have soured it slightly. Dellin Betances was the name that every Yankees fan was calling for every time Robertson didn’t strike someone out.

Betances aside (for now), let’s focus on Robertson. The newest White Sox closer gets his strikeouts and you can bet on that. He finished third in Ks among 2014 closers and fourth in K/9. He added a knuckle curve in 2013 and looked like a fool for it, giving up a batting average of .304 with the pitch and only striking out eight batters with the KC. However, he looked like a genius for it in 2014 when he whiffed 49 batters (more than his fastball, cutter, and changeup combined) and only gave up a BA of .165.

David Robertson’s new pitch, and some of his old ones as well, were good enough to land him a four-year, $46 million deal with the White Sox. An up-and-coming team with a strong lineup and above average rotation could help David Robertson save plenty of games this year.

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