Five Bold Predictions for the 2015 Baltimore Orioles


Credit: Cliff McBride / Getty Images North America


We are fast approaching the final two weeks of Spring Training. On April 6, the Orioles will open their season against the Rays as the much discounted defending AL East champs. There are many writing off the Orioles hopes to be the last team standing in the always competitive division. The Orioles have been written off before, and Buck Showalter‘s club is just fine with that.

Coming off a 96 win season, the Orioles should not be overlooked even in the face of the busy offseasons that took place in Toronto and Boston. It will remain to be seen whether the Jays and Red Sox did enough to address the flaws in their ball clubs that held them back last year. Toronto and Boston are ready to take their best shot at the Orioles, but as they say on The Wire, “If you come at the King, you best not miss.”

Read on for my five bold predictions for how the Orioles 2015 season will shake out.

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