Updated Outlook: Chicago Cubs-St. Louis Cardinals Rivalry

Second Base:

Cardinals: Kolten Wong (.249/.292/.388 +12 HR in 2014)

Cubs: Javier Baez (.167/.227/.324 +9 HR in 2014 [52 games])

Analysis: Both Baez (22) and Wong (24) are young guys, and have mounds of potential. Wong has had more time to adapt, spending most of 2014 with the Cardinals, whereas Baez was called up towards the end of last season, appearing in only 52 games. Both guys will be the future of their respective franchises, and will be talked about a lot in the future.

Advantage: Cardinals

Baez is exciting, and the baseball world has been waiting for his arrival for a couple years, but what Wong brought to the table for the Cardinals is unmistakeable. Wong proved he belonged on the roster, and after embarrassing himself in the 2013 World Series, the kid came out in October of 2014 with something to prove. and prove it he did. That isn’t to say Baez is a scrub, because he has the potential to be very good, and flashed a bit of how good he can be in the future, but as it stands right now Wong is the better player.


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