Updated Outlook: Chicago Cubs-St. Louis Cardinals Rivalry


Cardinals: Jhonny Peralta (.263/.336/.443 +21 HR in 2014)

Cubs: Starlin Castro (.292/.339/.438 +14 HR in 2014)

Analysis: Peralta is the veteran here at 32 years old, while Castro is only 24. However, means more to the Cubs than Peralta does to the Cardinals. While the Cardinals have guys like Wainwright, Holliday, and Matt Carpenter, Castro is considered one of the veteran leaders on the Cubs next to Lester. Peralta could be traded tomorrow and only his offensive production would be missed, as the Cards have plenty of leaders in their clubhouse. The Cubs count on Castro to set examples for the guys like Baez and Soler.

Advantage: Cubs

Peralta is no doubt a good offensive presence, but Castro had something of a bounce-back season in 2014 after struggling the past couple of years. Yes Peralta can be seen as the same way, coming off that 50-game PED suspension that led to the Tigers letting him walk, but Castro is an all-around better presence. Peralta brings decent average and good power,but his defense has been questioned. Castro brings speed, defense, good average, and decent power to the table, and is looked at to lead the younger players into being more comfortable. Expect Castro to continue reaching higher production-wise.

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