Updated Outlook: Chicago Cubs-St. Louis Cardinals Rivalry


Cardinals: Yadier Molina (.282/.333/.386)

Cubs: Miguel Montero (.243/.329/.370)

Analysis: Both catchers a veterans, and both are over thirty, yet that isn’t to say that these guys can’t play because they can. Both can run a game well, and both a leaders in the clubhouse. Pitchers like throwing to these guys, they are both easy to work with, and can call a great game. Molina struggled last year due to injury, but he’s still arguably the best catcher in the league (sorry Brewers fans). Meanwhile, Montero has slowly been trending downward since his All-Star 2011.

Advantage: Cardinals.

Molina is simply a level above Montero, and by more than a slim margin. Molina has been an All-Star six consecutive times since 2009, and has won the Gold Glove seven consecutive times since 2008. There are the two championship rings too, of course. Montero is good, but Molina is great.

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