Power Rankings: Top 20 Starting Pitchers in ’15

  1. Corey Kluber (Cleveland Indians)

Kluber’s break-out year happened to be the year he would win his first Cy Young. Kluber’s 2014 campaign was the best of any righty pitcher in the league.

Kluber led the American League in WAR (7.2) and FIP (2.35), and these numbers were the closest that any pitcher could get to Kershaw. Kluber pitched an average of just under seven innings per game, and never had much trouble striking opposing batters out. He led the AL in wins and finished second in K’s and third in strikeouts per nine innings.

Kluber mostly throws a sinking fastball and a slider, but his best pitch is his cutter. He threw 2,690 combined sinkers and sliders, and just 548 cutters, but had only six fewer strikeouts using his cutter. Kluber finished eighth in the AL in batting average allowed with .232, but allowed a BA of only .091 when throwing the cutter.

Kluber is ranked ninth due to the fact that I cannot predict how consistent he will be. I will, however, make one prediction. If Corey Kluber’s 2015 season is as strong, or close to as strong, as his 2014 campaign, then he will rank second on my list next year.

2 Responses

  1. Steven Garrison

    I think another pitcher in the national league will take the crown away from kershaw in 2015.

  2. Will Gribin

    It’s certainly an option Steven. The Cy Young award is presented to the best pitcher that year, not overall. So any year could be “the year” for any pitcher. However, in my mind Kershaw is consistent enough to remain not only the best overall, but the best on a season to season basis.


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