Power Rankings: Top 20 Starting Pitchers in ’15

  1. Max Scherzer (Washington Nationals)

We have now entered the ranks of the elite. I consider the elite MLB starting pitchers to be the five best in the league, and Scherzer will start us off.

Scherzer had a rough start to his MLB career; but after five years of being a name that few would remember, he became one of the league’s best in 2013. Scherzer’s Cy Young year started off with 13 straight wins, the most wins to start a season since 1986 when Roger Clemens did it (Clemens won the AL Cy Young and MVP that year). Scherzer is tied for the most wins in the majors over the last two years (39) with Adam Wainwright, but Scherzer has ten fewer losses than Wainwright in that time.

Over the last two years, Scherzer has the second-best K/9 (10.19) in the league, and fourth-highest WAR (11.1).

Scherzer’s record-breaking contract with the Nationals includes a $50 million signing bonus (seven years, $210 million). Scherzer will be worth every cent the Nats pay him, for now.

2 Responses

  1. Steven Garrison

    I think another pitcher in the national league will take the crown away from kershaw in 2015.

  2. Will Gribin

    It’s certainly an option Steven. The Cy Young award is presented to the best pitcher that year, not overall. So any year could be “the year” for any pitcher. However, in my mind Kershaw is consistent enough to remain not only the best overall, but the best on a season to season basis.


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