Cubs Opening Day Sees Ticket Prices Starting at $74, Suites Available

The Chicago Cubs have making negative waves in the news these past couple of days, with Kris Bryant’s demotion to the minor leagues to start the season.


Bryant, who is the No. 2 “Prospect To Watch” according to and is No. 1 in the Cubs system, leads the entire majors with nine home runs and is batting .425 in spring training.


As the argument wore on from Bryant’s agent, Scott Boras, about possible litigation about against the MLBPA, at its core it’s a smart business decision by the Cubs. By keeping Bryant off the 25-man roster for at least 12 days starting Sunday, the Cubs would retain Bryant’s rights through at least 2021.


Do you think the Cubs organization can wait 12 days to bring back Bryant to the major leagues, or do they need him on the Opening Day roster, which would make keeping Bryant long-term more difficult?


No one faults Boras for wanting the best for his client, but the conversation seems much to do about nothing. The Chicago Cubs will still host Opening Day of the entire baseball season on Sunday night against the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. The game will include a concert by Fall Out Boy, to celebrate the first game in the entire league. Average ticket prices to Cubs Opening Day are $155.20 according to, with a walk-in price of $74. ParkWhiz hasWrigley Field parking starting at $5 for all Cubs home games this and next week.


With this new Cubs regime about to take off, you can watch the game in style with SuiteHop offers Wrigley Field suites to all Cubs home games during the season. On Wednesday, April 8th (a night game against the Cardinals) SuiteHop has a 16-ticket Mezzanine Level suite available for $4,875. The suite includes parking amenities that will make your trip to the ballpark as easy as possible. Make your next Cubs game an unforgettable experience through SuiteHop.


The Cubs are expecting big things in 2015, and taking on their division rival St. Louis Cardinals head first on Opening Day gets the action started right away. Whether Cubs fans agree with the way Bryant was handled or not, the team will have the talented third baseman up and running around the majors as soon as that 12-day span is over.

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