Five Bold Predictions for the 2015 New York Mets

2. Jacob DeGrom Will Lead The Team In Wins

Everyone is excited for the return of all-star ace Matt Harvey and who can blame them? When Harvey went down and needed Tommy John surgery is was if all the air had been let out of a balloon and the team seemingly never recovered throughout last season. However, it will be the regining National League Rookie of the Year that will lead the rotation in wins. That’s not to say Harvey won’t be good, in fact if spring training is any indication he looks like he won’t miss a beat. However, with pitch counts to start the season and the high probability of skipping starts throughout the year, Harvey’s opportunties to record wins may be limited by these limitations. DeGrom, who if you remember was shutdown at the end of last season after hitting his innings limit, will have no restrictions this season. Plus, after his breakout year last season, he’ll be even better this season as he’s added a new pitch to his repertoire that has allowed him to have an impressive spring training.

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