Five Bold Predictions for the 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers

2) Joc Pederson will win the Rookie of the Year Award in a rout.

In 2014, Pederson had the first 30-HR/30-steal season in the Pacific Coast League since Frank Demaree in 1934. He recently won the award for the best Dodgers rookie in spring training for the second consecutive year. Pederson has power and speed and plays excellent defense in center field. He strikes out a lot, but he has also shown a fairly consistent ability to hit left-handed pitching, a skill the Dodgers haven’t seen in a lefty in quite some time. Pederson will hit 25 home runs, steal 25 bases, and stabilize a Dodgers outfield that has been in flux. When the season is over, he will be a no-brainer selection as Rookie of the Year, the 17th Dodger to win the award.

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