Five Bold Predictions for the 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers

5) Yasiel Puig will be the best outfielder in Southern California.

Mike Trout is amazing and great and wonderful. Puig is almost as young as Trout, but he is significantly more raw, which means he has much more room to grow. Trout has had three great seasons, but each one has been slightly less great than the one before. In 2015, the paths will cross as Puig develops the stamina to stay strong for an entire 162-game schedule. Trout’s 7.5-WAR season will be typically great — maybe even enough to win his fourth second consecutive MVP — but Puig’s 8.0 will top it. And perhaps even more amazingly, when you remove the slumps from Puig’s game, the narrative will change and Puig will suddenly be playing “the right way.” It’s amazing what success will do!

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