Five Bold Predictions for the 2015 Houston Astros

1. Chris Carter becomes the first Astros player to hit 40 homeruns since Lance Berkman

Over the past 15 years, the Astros have seemed to have quite a bit of luck in terms of power hitters. From Jeff Bagwell to Lance Berkman, to Carlos Lee, the Astros haven’t been an easy lineup to face. However, since Lance Berkman’s 45 homeruns in 2006, no Astro has hit 40 in a season since. That will change in 2015.

With sluggers, Evan Gattis, and the aforementioned Springer, it’s very possible for the Astros to have four, 30 home run players, most of any team since the 2009 Phillies. However, it’s Carter who holds the most promise for 2015. Coming off a 37 home run season in 2014, another year of experience should be enough to get over the 40 homerun hump.

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