Five Bold Predictions for the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays

2. The team will make a big trade, announce $200 million in renovations to transform their stadium and hire a new president.

Times are changing for the team. Team President Paul Beeston will retire this year, as we know. The team borderline-tampered with trying to get Dan Duquette from the Orioles in the offseason.

With the Blue Jays structured as they are and the team’s first employee on his way out (along with everyone else’s job security) the money will be allocated and the team will find another arm to solidify a playoff run.

They’ve also announced a study on getting grass into one of the two remaining turf stadiums. That’s just the first step in confirming massive renovations.

All this will come together with a needed investment in the team. When they purchased the team, Rogers Communications bought the stadium for less than what Alex Rodriguez will make this year. They’ve put money into it, but it’s time for the multi-use facility to become a single-use baseball stadium.

It’s the story that’s been rumoured a lot but not confirmed. For the team, for success and for the fans, the Rogers Centre will become a baseball-only facility, changing the seating structure, adding grass and, maybe, glass for natural light when the roof is closed.

The concrete beast will see its glory days return. There’s no appetite for a new stadium from local government coming off building Pan Am games facilities, and the location can’t be beat, so the plans will be formalized and the Rogers Centre will be brought back up to the standard of the rest of the league with eyes on hosting a future All Star game.

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