Five Bold Predictions for the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays

1. The Blue Jays will be in the American League Championship (and will win it)

The longest playoff drought in professional sports will come to an end this year and not with just a one-off Wild Card game.

The Toronto Blue Jays will win the AL east on the strength of their hitting, power, a plentiful supply of young arms and a starting five that will be better than anything Boston can put together to compete with them. Thier power can’t be matched in the AL.

The team and city have seen a lot of struggles. The local teams haven’t won a championship outside of lacrosse and Canadian football since the Blue Jays wins in 1992 and 1993. There are players on this team who weren’t born when the Blue Jays last won the World Series. While the NBA’s Raptors falter down the stretch, the soccer team continues to burn money and the NHL’s Maple Leafs seem to be cursed, the Toronto Blue Jays will recapture the magic that once put four million people in the “Skydome” in the early 90’s and will compete for the World Series.

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