Five Bold Predictions for the 2015 Detroit Tigers

3) Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander will rebound.

They both had core muscle surgery and both had their worst seasons since 2008. Their rebounds might be a little different though. On top of his surgery, Miggy had a really bad ankle last year, and the guy still managed to put up all-star caliber stats all-around — they just weren’t Miggy numbers.  Getting to watch him hit BP this spring, you could see he was nailing the ball the way he had the past four years before his “down” 2014 season. Miggy is getting older, but he’s still only 32; he’s definitely not past his prime, and he should show that in 2015. Verlander will need to reinvent himself a little bit as his innings pitched and high pitch counts finally took somewhat of a toll on him. Verlander still has amazing stuff and an above average fastball, and he can be an outstanding number two starter behind David Price.

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  1. wfsiii

    I hope you just saw Simon pitch tonight! I think he will make it as a starter! 8 innings – 2 hits – no walks – shutout!


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