Jason Heyward: The Newest Cubs Killer?

The Chicago Cubs and their fan base know all too well the meaning of the term Cub killer. Cub killers are those opposing players that always seem to make a play, win the game, or at the very least make fans cringe and hide behind their hands when stepping to the plate. The dreaded list of Cub killers include the likes of Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman, Carlos Lee, and so on, and agonizingly so on. On Opening Night, the latest Cub Killer may have arrived in the form of Jason Heyward.

Sunday night marked the debut of Heyward as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals. In the game, Heyward went 3-5 with a run scored just three batters into the season. The quick first inning run was driven in by another thorn in the Cubs side, Matt Holliday. It was also all of the run support that fellow thorn Adam Wainwright needed as he went six shutout innings while he toyed with the Cubs allowing constant leadoff hits, but nothing more.

Back to Heyward, ironically it is the second time he has made a debut of sorts on Opening Day against the Cubs. In 2010, his very first Major League game was on Opening Day against the Cubs. The then rookie phenom proceeded to go 2-5 with two runs scored, four RBI, and his first career home run in a blowout victory. As a rookie, Heyward showcased all of his talents offensively while also laying the foundation of being one of the best defensive right fielders in the game. Unfortunately for Cub fans, it all started with a debut as a dreaded Cub killer.

Perhaps debuting against the Cubs is a good omen for Heyward as the 2010 season has been his only All-Star campaign thus far. With adjustments made at the plate and a new hitting approach, Heyward was able to find early success on Opening Night. If he is able to stay healthy and put all of those tools together once again, Heyward could be in line for a solid first season in St. Louis. With the Cubs and Cardinals being division rivals, sadly Cub fans may have to resort to hiding behind their hands every time Heyward is in the lineup. Jason Heyward: The latest Cub killer?


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