Weirdest Opening Day Starting Pitcher Facts

Yesterday was Opening Day. No, not for your cousin’s art exhibit at the new gallery down by the wharf. It was Opening Day for baseball. Rounders. America’s game (America’s game is really obesity, but that’s an issue for another day).

While Opening Day is different from every other day, it is also the same. Like all other baseball games, Opening Day games are started by pitchers who have been chosen to start for a particular reason. Unlike other games that are still like Opening Day, but also different from Opening Day, Opening Day starters are usually the team’s best starter … at least at the time.

Who your favorite team actually chooses to be the Opening Day starter is entirely irrelevant in the long run. But in the short-term the choice is usually indicative of who the team’s management believes will be your team’s number one pitcher that season (barring injury of course; see Fernandez, J and Harvey, M). Sometimes the Opening Day starter is a true ace, a real stalwart of the organization, but sometimes the Opening Day starter becomes nothing more than an embarrassing reminder of a depressing era in a franchise’s history. Enough babbling, here are some fun facts about Opening Day starters.

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  1. Give me a break

    Tigers’ dynasty over? 3-0. No way Verlander was going to pitch Opening Day even if fully healthy. He’s easily the Tigers 3rd starter.


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