Month of April Key for Reds

With the Cincinnati Reds playing a total of 23 games in the month of April, 22 of those 23 games are played against NL Central Division opponents. They are scheduled to play every team within the NL Central at least one series in April and will play the Cardinals, Cubs, and Brewers in both a home and away series. To say that games in April do not matter is somewhat of an understatement. Games in April may not have a playoff spot on the line, but games in April still count toward the overall wins and losses throughout the season.

With the Reds not projected to be among the contenders in the NL Central, this month will tell a lot about the makeup of the team and where they may stand come the end of the season. Throughout the course of the season teams will play a total of 72 games inside the division with the rest of the 90 games outside the division. For 30 percent of those division games to come within the first month of the season is a daunting task for any team.

While the Reds are not viewed highly by many experts, they have gotten off to a 3-0 start with an opening series sweep of the division rival Pittsburgh Pirates. The month of April could make or break the Reds come October. If they can do well throughout the month of April and separate themselves a bit from the rest of the division, they could be in a good spot heading into May and the rest of the season.

It is not necessarily important that they come out of the month with a winning record, but what is important is that they stay within the pack of the NL Central. A bad month of April could come back to haunt the Reds come midseason. With Homer Bailey out of the rotation at the moment, the Reds have young right hander Raisel Iglesias filling in his role. If the rotation can hold strong and the Reds can stay healthy, look for the Reds to be in contention come September and October.

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