Louisville Steals Home to Sweep Wake Forest

Louisville, the Number three team in College Baseball beat Wake forest in Walk-Off fashion to complete the 3 game sweep. However, as seen below, this was no ordinary walk off.

Sophomore outfielder Corey Ray put the game in his hands as he stole home. Stealing home has become such a rare part of today’s game. Select amount of people have the speed to steal it nowadays, and it still takes a miracle for it to happen properly. You can see here some of the most recent successful attempts to steal home.

Now, back in the day, stealing home was a much bigger part of the game.  Legends Like Honus Wagner, Jackie Robinson, and Ty Cobb are at the top of the list of the times stealing home plate. Cobb is the record holder by over 20, with a total of 54 stolen bases.

Ray did something already rare  in the game, but to do it in sandlot-esque fashion, bravo to you.


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