Pete Rose Joins FOX Sports 1 as guest MLB analyst

In another surprising development in the Pete Rose trying to get reinstated by MLB saga, the Hit King has accepted an offer by national MLB broadcasting television network FOX Sports to be a guest MLB analyst on the television giant’s pregame show.

Rose is also set to appear on “MLB Whiparound” and “FOX Sports Live”, both shows part of FOX Sports 1’s guide.

As FOX’s own Ken Rosenthal explained, the network and MLB are partnered and although Pete Rose has been banned from baseball since 1989 for betting on his own team, Major League Baseball lets its broadcasting networks hire their personnel as they please. FOX, though, is said to have made MLB fully aware of Rose’s audition and subsequent hiring.

Pat Courtney, MLB’s chief communications officer, said that “as a courtesy, FOX informed us that they were interviewing Pete Rose for an on-air studio position,” while also stating that “the decision to hire on-air talent for its telecasts rest solely with FOX.”

Rose, 74, officially submitted a request to Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred’s office earlier this year to be reinstated from baseball, a move that has proved to be unsuccessful with past Commissioners Fay Vincent and Bud Selig. Manfred has said that he will give Rose’s case a fresh look.

The Hit King is said to have impressed FOX’s executives during his interview with the network, and even more during his on-air audition albeit his limited television experience. John Entz, FOX’s executive producer said that Rose’s knowledge of not only past but current baseball earned him the position. Rose said that he remains a baseball lover and watches a full slate of games every night.

Regardless it is a bold move by FOX and one that will surely attract them some more viewers. It will also be interesting to see how this all plays out on Pete Rose’s defense as he attempts yet another comeback to the game he loves.

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