I See You – Weekly Awards

A new weekly column that is designed to be a little serious, as well as a little sarcastic.  The idea for the column is based on the Luke Bryan country song “I See You,” as well as the Nationally Syndicated DJ Bobby Bones, who also has an I See You segment on his show (not MLB related however).  

I SEE YOU….  Nelson Cruz – The American League Player of the Week.  Cruz just blasted off last week, going 12 for 24, while hitting 6 home runs, giving him 8 so far in this early season.  To top it off, on Sunday, he hits the game winning walk-off single over his old team, the Texas Rangers.  So, Nelson Cruz, I see you, and congrats on your stellar week!

I SEE YOU…. Kansas City Royals – Sure, the A’s Brett Lawrie‘s slide Friday night into Alcides Escobar was borderline bush league.  However, still throwing at players heads two days later, especially at 100 mph, really isn’t necessary.  Taking it one step further, your team had all the ejections for the entire series.  So, reigning AL Champion Kansas City Royals, I see you, but it’s time to let it go.  Let your playing take care of your payback.

I SEE YOU…. New York Mets – Eight in a row.  Wins that is.  Possibly one of the bigger surprises to start the season off.  The Mets finished the week with the best record in the National League, and seem to be working through their early season injuries.  So, to the early season surprise, New York Mets, I see you!

I SEE YOU…. Fox/Fox Sports/Pete Rose – I see you all, the Trifecta.  Having Pete Rose around baseball in some sort of capacity is only a gift to us all who get to sit back and listen.  And for Fox to have the courage to step out and give him the chance, well it’s nothing short of a beautiful thing.  So I see you and the future partnership, and can’t wait for it to begin!

I SEE YOU…. Jordan Baker – I mean, I see you, I’m just not sure what you saw Friday night in Boston.  Maybe you thought Orioles pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez was in a Royals uniform, and you were really in Kansas City?  A pitcher who had a no-hitter in the fourth inning (yes, I realize that’s not the same as the 7th or 8th), and who has a history of control problems, beans a guy, and you rip the mask off and send him to the shower instantly.  Now, I am pro-umpire, and MLB isn’t going to bash an umpire publicly, and I can respect that, but I also know that Mr. Baker received the rest of the weekend off in Boston after his quick ejection Friday night.  Baker, in his second year as an MLB Umpire, is also the same Umpire who has upset a lot of fans and groundskeepers across baseball for constantly taking massively huge wads of gum and throwing them out on the beautiful outfield grass during games.  So, Jordan Baker, I see you, and your quick heave-ho.  May your weekend off have been a great benefit to you!

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