Jose Bautista Thrown Behind, Responds With Homer

The Baltimore Orioles had issues over the weekend with the Boston Red Sox, with Ubaldo Jimenez ejected for unintentionally hitting noted large target Pablo Sandoval with a pitch. Tonight, the Orioles aimed their fire at another division rival, the Toronto Blue Jays.

In the seventh inning, with the Blue Jays leading 11-4 and two runners on base, Orioles reliever Jason Garcia threw a pitch behind Jose Bautista. Bautista was not happy, and home plate umpire Mark Carlson warned both benches. Later in the at-bat, Bautista hit a laser home run over the wall in left-center field, complete with a glare, a bat flip, and a thorough cursing of the Baltimore infield. Watch:

After the inning was over, Bautista and Orioles center fielder Adam Jones exchanged the sorts of words normally reserved for a Bryan Price media session:

Now, I have a soft spot for Jose Bautista, as I am one of the very special 449,360 people he follows on Twitter. And I definitely don’t care for a pitcher intentionally throwing at a hitter, if that is what Garcia was doing (which I think he was, based on fact that catcher Caleb Joseph just watched Bautista after the pitch before finally realizing that it was a wild pitch and the runners were advancing).

But for me, all the cool points Bautista won by answering the beanball attempt with a monster homer were lost when he acted like a crybaby for the next five minutes. Bautista came off looking like the kind of guy a pitcher might enjoy throwing an occasional pitch at.

It looks like David Ortiz has some competition for biggest crybaby in baseball, but at least Papi seems like he’d be fun to hang out with at a party. Bautista just acts like someone peed in his Cheerios.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Thanks to the new Statcast technology in place in every MLB stadium, I was able to track down this top-secret conversation that sheds a lot of light on the situation:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.23.17 AM

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