Scooter Gennett Adds to the Soap Opera in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Scooter Gennett is headed to the disabled list after doing something each of us (hopefully!) does every day of our lives — showering. Gennett, who became the latest victim of the notorious “metal thing that holds the shampoo and body wash” (his words, not mine), required stitches after slicing his hand open while reaching for the body wash. This injury adds insult to injury for a Brewers ballclub that sits 2-11 and has scored the fewest runs and hit the fewest home runs in all of Major League Baseball.

It took five stitches to close the wound opened by the awful metal thing-a-ma-bob in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ visiting clubhouse. Here is the picture Gennett posted to Instagram following his injury.

“I went to grab some body wash like I would normally grab body wash,” Gennett said. “It was definitely a freakish thing. It started bleeding everywhere. I didn’t feel any type of pain. I have my strength but something like that reopening and getting worse isn’t what we want.”

When he does return from injury, Gennett will hopefully have switched to bar soap in an effort to avoid future calamity when it comes time to bathe after the game. He may also want to scrub up his batting average. Prior to the injury, Gennett was batting only .207 with a .207 slugging percentage. I don’t need to be the first to tell you it’s never a good sign when your slugging percentage matches your batting average.

Gennett is a career .296 hitter, and the Brewers will be counting on him to raise his level of production when his stitches come out. This brief reprieve may be enough to allow Gennett to clear his mind and get back to hitting at the level Milwaukee fans are accustomed to seeing. It may also be just enough time to invest in soap-on-a-rope or a good old-fashioned plastic shower caddy.

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