Brewers Recall Wooten, Thornburg Sent Down

You can’t really blame any one person but suffice it to say, the Milwaukee Brewers are struggling. In fact, struggling might be putting it lightly. A 2-12 is no one’s idea of a good start, but after a last ditch playoff push in 2014, this ball club is now depleted and came in starting 2015 already running on fumes, with major holes still needing to be filled, especially now that the squad has been hit by the injury bug.

At this point for Milwaukee anything can help, and in running with  that logic the Brewers today elected to send Tyler Thornburg down to Triple-A Colorado Springs and recall Rob Wooten.

Thorn burg,26, has only appeared in six contests this season but owns a sizable 5.59 ERA in less than 10 innings of relief. He had elbow surgery  last summer but recovered well enough to earn him a spot in the bullpen. He began his 2015 campaign as a set up man but has been getting shelled in recent weeks.

Wooten,29, hasn’t made a Major League appearance yet this season and the reason may be his (also) rotund 7.11 ERA for the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. He’s got better vision than most of the relief staff in Milwaukee but much like Thornburg, still has a tendency to get shelled more often than not.

Unfortunately, with a fairly weak pitching staff and an abundance of injuries plaguing the Brew Crew, this is plugging a leaky dam with a band-aid. There aren’t a lot of good ideas left for the Brewers right now aside from a trade or rolling the dice on calling up a rookie, but for now this will have to do.

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