Just Spitballin’ Episode 4: Jaye Chapman, Monkey Rodeos, and Barry Manilow

In Episode 4 of Just Spitballin’, Jeff and Josh talked with Jaye Chapman, a minor league pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewers organization who pitched in the big leagues for the Cubs in 2012. We talked about living the dream of being traded by your childhood favorite team for Paul Maholm, monkeys riding dogs, and his recovery from surgery on both hips that temporarily put his Major League dreams on hold.

In the first segment, before the interview, we talked about the Royals and their attitude problems, Jeremy Guthrie as Spanish interpreter, Josh Hamilton‘s fresh start in Texas, Alex Rodriguez‘s pursuit of Willie Mays, the possibility of the designated hitter coming to the National League, and the riots in Baltimore that caused the cancellation of the Orioles/White Sox game. We then touched on Dusty Baker‘s desire to manage again and discussed things we would like to do that we are woefully unqualified for.

After the interview with Chapman, we played a great round of Six Degrees of Kevin Stocker. It was a hard-fought battle that ended on a technicality, but we got to talk about a lot of interesting players.

Finally, we discussed last Monday’s Barry Manilow concert in Salt Lake City, where Jeff’s wife finally understood his Barry obsession after twelve years of marriage. We discussed which current Major Leaguers are most likely to be Fanilows and whether Yasiel Puig might enjoy dancing to Copacabana.

Enjoy the episode, and please let us know what you think. You can email us at [email protected] or tweet us at @Spitball_BBE, @JoshSadlock, and @snidog.


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