Alex Rodriguez hits No. 660, Yankees Win

Alex Rodriguez hit career home run number 660 tonight, in just about the perfect situation. It was an A-bomb from A-Rod as I’m sure John Sterling told his listeners that just barely krept over the Green Monster. Top of the eighth, no outs, tie ballgame against the hated Boston Red Sox. Of course A-Rod would deliver the $6 million home run just like this. Rodriguez took Junichi Tazawa deep, and provided the Yankees the winning margin in what would turn out to be a 3-2 victory, earning himself $6 million (we will see what the Yankees have to say about that) in the process for tying Willie Mays for fourth all-time behind Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, and Babe Ruth.

After battling Rodriguez for months over the marketing bonus tied to his milestone home runs, the Yankees were finally forced to acknowledge the milestone blast (although it’s worth noting, I did not receive a notification from Major League Baseball), but probably only because it helped aid in the defeat of their mortal enemy. Do you really think a fourth-inning home run against the Twins would have earned A-Rod an official acknowledgment?

Here is the blast which propelled the Yankees to victory tonight.

This home run could not have come in a better spot for Rodriguez, who has been surprisingly good for the Yankees this season after returning from a 212 game PED suspension. By beating the Red Sox with a pinch-hit home run, Rodriguez might actually not be hated by Yankees fans for at least one day — that’s always a bonus for a player with an ego the size of Montana like Rodriguez. Tonight, the Yankees and Rodriguez both won, and baseball fans were left wondering which side to take. After all, it is quite refreshing to see Rodriguez bounce back from his self-imposed exile to be a contributing player on a surprisingly good team, despite management’s desire to see him wearing anything but Yankee pinstripes.

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