Kevin Pillar is Good at Catching Things

If you have spent any time watching baseball so far this season, you already know Kevin Pillar is good at running and catching things with his glove. One of my favorite moments each night comes when the MLB At-Bat app sends me a notification of another Pillar defensive gem. I don’t really know how many runs Pillar has saved this year, or what his UZR or dWAR is. All I care about is the pure entertainment value I get when I watch Kevin Pillar run around in the outfield and catch things.

If instead of watching baseball, you’ve been curled up under a rock, you’ve missed a ton of great outfield defense from the Blue Jays’ Pillar, but fear not, I am here to catch you up. Pillar has given us wall-scaling catches, diving catches, and rib-rattling wall collisions, and the season is only 23 games old. Basically, Pillar is a robot who will catch anything that gets close enough to him, regardless of whether or not bodily harm is a concern. Let it also be known, that Pillar has been no slouch with the stick either, leading the American League with eight doubles.

Here are the best defensive highlights so far this season from Pillar. Is it too early to award him the Gold Glove?

The Catch of the Year came in April this year. That’s pretty Griffey-esque if you ask me.

Pillar is not just a one-trick pony. He’s got a very good arm as well.

Do all of these have to come against the Orioles?

But really though, do they?

Finally, one that did not cost the Orioles a hit! But seriously, Pillar has some range.

I’ll leave you with Pillar’s great catch from last night’s game against the Indians. Here Pillar crashes into the wall without breaking stride to rob Brandon Moss of extra bases. This clip includes the awesome MLB Statcast data which shows that Pillar reached a top speed of 17.8 MPH and covered 85.5 feet. How’s that for some UZR!

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