I See You Awards – Week ending May 3

I SEE YOU … Double A Biloxi Shuckers (Milwaukee Brewers). The team that rushed to get out of Huntsville so fast after the 2014 season, that their new stadium in Biloxi still isn’t finished yet, and finds them being on the road for the most part of this season … Well, they had to make nice with Huntsville and return to their previous home at The Joe this past week for some games, and let’s just say the sting of the Huntsville Stars leaving is still there. Through four games, the total attendance is 1,628! And with at least 11 more games to play back in Huntsville, it’s not looking like it’s going to improve anytime soon. So, to the Biloxi Shuckers … I SEE YOU … I just don’t think the fine folks of Huntsville plan to!

I SEE YOU You young and streaking Houston Astros! Currently on a ten-game winning streak, and with the best record in the American League! Winning only 70 games in all of 2014, you already have 18 and we just started May! So… Houston Astros, to you and your early seven-game lead in the AL West, I SEE YOU!

I SEE YOU … None other than Mr. Alex Rodriguez himself and number 660. It finally happened, whether some wanted it to, or didn’t want it to. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of Rodriguez playing, he has continued to have the right attitude right out of the gate, and even after the Yankees announced they will not pay the $6 million bonus for the milestone home run. So, the new and improved Alex Rodriguez, the one where it appears it’s about team and not him … I SEE YOU!

I SEE YOU … Major League Baseball, Baltimore Orioles, and the Washington Nationals. During a week of turmoil in Baltimore, over issues that were far beyond baseball’s jurisdiction, a major league game was forced to play with gates closed, and the public kept out, as well as another series  turned away to Tampa. Instead of the two ownership groups, who have acted like siblings fighting over their parents estate, coming together for the good of the game, and more importantly the good of the fans who needed something positive, they chose to not to come together and unify the community. And for Major League Baseball who could have sat them down and guided them towards the right decision for the good of the community, we expect better from you. But, instead these two teams find it a better use of their time to prepare for their courtroom battle that is set to begin on May 18, than to keep Baltimore home games in the Baltimore area. So .. I SEE YOU, and I expect better from all three of you next time. Sadly, I just am afraid I know better.

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