Fantasy Baseball: Working the Wire

The draft is where you build the foundation for your team. The waiver wire is where you complete the mansion. Fantasy playoffs are usually filled with teams who have made the best free agent additions throughout the year. Here are some tips to help you win the battle of the waivers.

Don’t get fooled by % owned. In most leagues when you click free agents, it defaults to % owned. While this will bring up the names you probably know best, there is a reason they aren’t owned in your league. The top of the free agent list may be useful to your squad but unless they are coming off injury or suspension, I’d look deeper on the wire.

Let +/- be your friend. On some websites (including ESPN) they offer a feature on the free agent list for adds/drops (+/-). You can sort +/- and this will give you a list of the most added players according to that particular site. This is a quick and easy way to find the “hot” player to add. The first few months of the season is when adding the players at the top of this list is key.

If you can afford to drop somebody off your team, adding a guy who gets off to a hot start could be the best move you make all year. Every year a couple of guys who nobody drafted becomes a fantasy stud, for at least one year. Remember, if you add a guy and he flops just start this process over again.

Sorting by Stats. No matter what type of league you are in (Head-to-Head, Roto, etc.) stats are how you win. Every week go to your standings and look at the total team stats and see which categories your team is performing the best and the worst. After you identify where your team is the weakest, you have two options: trade or add a free agent. Adding a free agent is the easiest way. Go to the free agent list and sort by the category you are in need. Find the guy who is at the top of the list who is having the best last week or two.

These are just a few tips that will help you make sure you don’t miss on the next big free agent in your league. You need to be active searching the waiver wire several times a week. Also, be aware when fantasy stars who have been dropped earlier in the year for injury are coming back. It’s up to you when you try to add them but when they start their rehab assignment, they are close to being back in the big leagues and on somebody else’s team soon if you don’t act.

Good luck!

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