WATCH: Dodger fan films himself catching home run

On May 2nd, Aaron Hill of the Arizona Diamondbacks hit a home run that a fan happened to catch on a fly. Nothing too exciting; it happens all the time, right?

The difference here is that this fan videotaped him catching this home run ball. Now that’s pretty impressive.

Bobby Crosby home run

Bobby Crosby (DodgerFilms) films himself catching a home run.

The guy in this video is Bobby Crosby, but he is more commonly known as DodgerFilms. Crosby is a Dodgers fan who has season tickets in the left field bleachers and films himself catching baseballs, as well as the rest of the game. He has caught hundreds of home run balls over the years from batting practice, as well as a few gamers. But this particular catch has taken the Internet by storm. He has been praised all over; Cut 4 published a few articles about him; Vin Scully commented on his catch during the broadcast; and now Baseball Essential has published this article about him. Crosby has even been interviewed by ESPN about his catches in the past. He has already been a celebrity in Chavez Ravine, but with this catch and coverage, it has pushed him to superstardom. Fans have approached him and asked for pictures and his autograph, as well as asking to be in a video that will appear on his channel. That’s pretty crazy for a guy just being an avid fan.

Now what Crosby does is not only unique, but also extremely entertaining. He films both batting practice and the game, and then chops the videos up to make a 5-10 minute videos before posting it on YouTube. His editing style almost resembles a television show. Crosby commonly has a few of his buddies accompanying him in the bleachers and is able to create the illusion of feeling like you’re at the game with them in person.

fan films himself catching home run

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