Rally Bus Making Travel To Rays Games Easier and More Efficient

It’s been a nice start in 2015 for the Tampa Bay Rays, a team that many pegged to finish in last or second-to-last in the AL East division this year. However, after the first month, they find themselves in second place behind the New York Yankees and are within striking distance for first place.

The Rays have struggled a bit to find consistent offense, but have been getting very solid starting pitching. That balance has kept them afloat in the division. They’ve gotten support from unlikely role-players like Logan Forsythe, who has produced 2 HRs, 11 RBI and a desirable batting average (.306). Steven Souza has also been contributing from under the radar, connecting on four homers. The offense obviously needs to get better, but if Tampa Bay can increase their run-scoring output while continuing to receive exceptional starting pitching, they’ll definitely have the ability to make a run.

Even if that doesn’t happen, Rays fans are still going to be amped to take in their favorite team live, as rivalry showdowns with the New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox will be fun to see in person, win or lose. Thanks to Rally Bus, any Rays fan that wants to see the Rays live can go to the game free of the hassle of driving through traffic themselves or dealing with navigation concerns. Tampa Bay fans can instead sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to Tropicana Field (or to the opposing team’s stadium near them).

The Rally Bus isn’t just a basic mode of transportation, as it offers on-board restrooms, entertainment, comfortable seating and plenty of storage for your Rays gear. Rally Bus also conforms to the needs of Rays fans, as round-trip shuttle services to Tropicana Field get you to the games and back for less than the cost of gas and parking.

Rally Bus tickets can be a terrific value depending on where you’re heading out from. For example, the May 21 battle with the Oakland Athletics has Rally Bus pricing starting out at $40 at some locations and goes as high as $55. Fans can get a ride all the way north up in Ocala for $55, or from down south in Fort Myers ($50). Fans closer to St. Petersburg in cities like Largo and Lakeland have a shorter distance to travel, and get a nice discount for the trip ($40). Regardless of where you’re hitching a ride from, Rally Bus tickets to Rays games are still a solid value, all things considered, especially when using the $5 off promo code: First Bus.

Traveling to see the Rays play just got easier, as Rally Bus takes care of all of the stressful intricacies and let’s you simply do your job, which is being the best fan that you can be. Rally Bus has already booked over 60,000 fans in over 1,100 cities and takes pleasure in pushing all of the negativity of game day travel far from your mind. If you’re looking for a new, better way to get to the game, you’ll find everything you’re looking for with Rally Bus.

Even better than making life easier on yourself is getting your favorite people to join in on the fun. A great part of Rally Bus is you can gather your friends and family together and enjoy the trip to the game, pre-gaming during the entire ride. Whether it’s a journey to a hated rival on the road or a brief trip to the home confines of Tropicana Field, Rally Bus makes it easy to get together and go to the game.

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