Sentenced Dodgers Fans Now Facing Federal Prison Time

Photo Credit to: Rfan Khan/ Reuters

Photo Credit to: Rfan Khan/ Reuters

In February of 2014 Louis Sanchez (above, left) and Marvin Norwood were sentenced to eight years and four years (respectively) in jail after pleading guilty for the March 2011 attack on Bryan Stow.

Sanchez, 32, plead guilty to a “felony count of mayhem” and Norwood, 33, “assault by means likely to produce great bodily harm.” Since the altercation Stow, now 46, won a civil suit against the LA Dodgers to the tune of $14 million. Sadly the former paramedic will require 24 hour care for the rest of his life.

Sentencing or no, troubles seem to be piling up for Mr. Louis Sanchez. He is now facing a 10-year sentence for being a felon in possession of firearms. As his original sentence is more than half way served Max Shiner, the prosecuting Assistant U.S. Attorney, would like to tack on at least eight more years of federal time to his sentence. On top of firearm charges and pleading guilty to the 2011 battery of Bryan Stow, he’s also got a history of spousal abuse and drunk driving. Shiner would like nothing more than to put Sanchez away for a good, long while. Fellow convict Norwood is being brought up on similar charges in the upcoming weeks since the firearms in question weren’t his, but he still housed them. In his case a four year sentence is being sought.

An in-jail recording of the two shows that they were not only aware of the weapons which were found in Norwood’s Rialto, CA home but that Sanchez is willing to take the heat on the sentencing, which the Assistant U.S. Attorney seems more than willing to comply with.


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