WATCH: Starlin Castro Does Best Kris Bryant Impression

It seems like everyone wants to be like Kris Bryant these days, even the Chicago Cubs’ three-time All-Star shortstop Starlin Castro. Castro may have been to three Summer Classics and led the National League in hits in 2011, but it is now very obvious that he just wants to be like Kris Bryant.

Take a look at Bryant and Castro fielding a Mark Reynolds ground ball in unison during the sixth inning of last night’s 6-5 win over the St. Louis Cardinals.



The only possible explanation is that Castro’s brain has been taken over by Kris Bryant hysteria and he just wants in on the action. There could also be a hive of mutant brain-controlling aliens in the Wrigley Field ivy. Or maybe, Castro is just getting ready for a possible move over to third base once Bryant eventually slides to the outfield and Addison Russell takes over at shortstop.

Either way, this play was amusing to everyone but first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who didn’t quite seem to know where the ball was coming from.



Hard to blame him for being a little annoyed, as it’s always good to know exactly which fielder will be throwing a baseball at roughly 90 mph in the vicinity of your cranium. In the end, Rizzo made the catch even if he was deked just a little bit, the Cubs won the game, and baseball fans everywhere were left wondering whether or not Starlin Castro and Kris Bryant are sharing one brain.

Now, if the Cubs could just get Castro to take a page out of Bryant’s book at the plate and draw a walk every once in a while.

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