Dallas Braden: Weekly Pitcher’s Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is a throwback to former Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden. With today being Mother’s Day, Braden has one of the most memorable pitching performances back on Mother’s Day 2010 where he tossed the 19th perfect game in Major League Baseball history. Braden has since retired from the mound, but this day will likely always hold a special place in his baseball career.

It was May 9th, 2010 against the Tampa Bay Rays when the left-hander put his name into the record books. Due to multiple injuries, Braden was only able to amass a five-year career with the A’s. The 2010 season was by far his most productive tallying 30 starts and 192.2 innings pitched. That season saw Braden throw two shutouts and five complete games highlighted by the sunny Sunday afternoon in May.

What made the day special for Braden was that his grandmother was in attendance watching him pitch. Braden’s mother had sadly passed away from cancer when he was a senior in high school. However, after the game, Braden was able to share a memorable and emotional moment with his grandmother. Understandably, it was the only time that day when Braden lost his composure.

Mother’s Day has always been a special day in Major League Baseball. The pink bats have also been a great way to bring awareness to the fight against breast cancer. On this day, the spotlight is on all of the baseball moms who drive to practices, sit through games, and wash the dirty uniforms. This day is for you, and enjoy the baseball.



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