Could the Angels be flying out of Anaheim?

If a Chinese development company gets their wish, a near $500-million development will be built right next door to Angel Stadium. The Angels haven’t been happy with their current situation and have been in talks with the city regarding stadium upgrades, and those talks have broken down over time.

LT Global Investment Inc is proposing a 14-acre development next door to the Angels that would feature a 26-story hotel, a 28-story condo town, theater, indoor surfing park, and restaurants.

“The city should reject LT’s request,” the Angels said in a March 30 letter to the Anaheim Community Development Department. In its letter, the team noted that the project would rely on stadium land, outside of the land owned by LT Global, for almost half of its 4,900 parking spaces. The team also notes that the retail and office uses exceed what currently is allowed in the city’s land-use plan for the area.

The Angels, who have been in their current stadium since 1966, began discussing stadium upgrades with the city of Anaheim over the last year, and when those talks stalled, they moved their talks to the city of Tustin to see if they would be interested in discussing becoming the new home of the Angels. The team has an option to leave Angel Stadium between 2016 and 2019

According to Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, “the project would not affect current negotiations with the Angels for a new stadium lease, and a company official said the company would pursue the project even if the Angels were to leave Anaheim.” So, it appears the city is drawing their line in the sand, and this project, dubbed Platinum Triangle, is priority number one for the mayor, not upgrading Angels Stadium and keeping the Angels — a team that has averaged over 3 million fans for the last several years, won a World Series, and made several playoff appearances over the last 15 years.

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  1. carllafong

    The mayor is a dope. Why is he poking Moreno in the eye? The mayor is willing to develop the property with the Chinese, but not with the Angels and Moreno? Why? Say goodbye to the Angels in that location. Fans will be lucky if they stay in Orange County and don’t move north to Los Angeles.


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