Report: Barry Bonds Arranging to Sue MLB for Collusion

Baseball’s all-time home run hitter, Barry Bonds, is striving towards filing a lawsuit against Major League Baseball on the notion of teams colluding against him after the conclusion of the 2007 season.

Jon Heyman of was the first to report on the pending lawsuit Monday.

Bonds has long contended that a collusion of MLB owners effectively ended his career following the ’07 season, when he set the all-time home run record.

Bonds has said since that time he believes that there was a concerted effort to keep him out of the game by baseball powers, though he sought to wait to file suit until his legal issues related to BALCO were resolved.

It does raise eyebrows as to why the 43-year-old Bonds did not receive one offer that offseason, given the fact that he led the National League in OBP (.480) and OPS (1.045) that year with 28 home runs and 66 RBI. Bonds was even reportedly willing to play for the minimum salary.

Even as a major contributor at his age, teams were unwilling to sign him. Whether that was due to his connection to performance enhancing drugs and his disagreeable personality or some concerted collusive effort will apparently be up to the courts.

Heyman stated that Bonds has had talks with the MLB about a possible job, which have since been tabled. He also spent time with the San Francisco Giants as a spring instructor, which Heyman said sparked excellent reviews from Giants’ players.

Appearing in 14 All-Star games during his tenure with the Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates, Bonds currently holds the record for career home runs (762), home runs in a season (73), career walks (2,558) and intentional walks (688).

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