It’s time for the home plate umpire to ask for help

Wednesday night Bryce Harper was ejected after losing his mind in response to the home plate umpire quickly ringing him up on a check swing. Now, the umpire was likely correct, but Harper wanted him to get help from the third base umpire.

It seems like every day a batter wonders why the home plate ump decides if he swung or not even though he has an inferior angle than the base umpires.

Heck, Miguel Cabrera always points down to the first base ump on a check swing, because he knows that the home plate ump doesn’t have a clean view, but will ring him up anyway. Mike Trout, among others have started pointing down to first/third base too.

In a key situation during the ninth inning of game four in the 2014 NLDS, the home plate decided to say Ian Desmond swung on this check swing. It was a horrendous call and the first base umpire would’ve said no swing. Buster Posey assumed the home plate umpire would need help by pointing to first, but nope! Guess not!

MLB 2014 NLDS 2014 10 07 Washington Nationals VS San Francisco Giants(Game4)

MLB 2014 NLDS 2014 10 07 Washington Nationals VS San Francisco Giants(Game4)

It is time to make it a requirement to ask for help on any check swing. It takes two seconds, doesn’t delay the game, and the base umpires are far more accurate than the home plate umpires.

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  1. bigyaz

    So now umpires are going to be criticized even when the call is obviously correct?

    You do know it’s not the angle of the bat that determines whether the batter offered at the pitch, correct? Or whether his hands went past the plate? Or whether he “broke his wrists?” (All of which I’ve heard from idiot TV announcers.)

    If the guy three feet away believes he had a good look at it why should he ask someone who is more than 100 feet away?


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