Report: Phillies scouting Red Sox’ farm system

The Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox have long been mentioned as a potential match for a Cole Hamels trade. While there has been plenty of talk about a deal going down, nothing has come of the talks. But that doesn’t mean that a potential deal is dead.

The Phillies “continue to scout” the Red Sox farm system and have spent the last six days watching Double-A Portland, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

If the teams can’t come to an agreement on a deal involving Hamels, Cafardo mentions Aaron Harang, Jonathan Papelbon, Ben Revere, Ryan Howard, Carlos Ruiz, and Chase Utley as who could be traded away before the trade deadline.

Among prospects with Double-A Portland are Reed Gragnani, a 24-year-old that hit .300 in Single-A in 2014, and Carlos Asuaje, a 2013 11th-round draft pick that hit over .300 in Single-A in 2014. It’s unclear who either team has shown a liking for, but we will likely have more answers by the time the trade deadline gets closer.

Every team is scouting players across the league that are potential trade and free agent targets. It makes for headlines, sure, but as is the case with Hamels, nothing is imminent.

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