Fantasy Trade Value: Kris Bryant

The hottest name in Major League Baseball other than Mike Trout is Kris Bryant. The Chicago Cubs’ third baseman is highly coveted whether it’s on the diamond, in your local card shop or in fantasy baseball leagues.

So let’s say you own Kris Bryant or want to own him (join the club) in your fantasy league. What’s his value? What would it take to trade for him? Well, I’m here to try to help.

First, I did what most great writers do these days and went to Twitter for help. Here are a few of the responses I received from people when asked if they have seen or heard any action involving Bryant.

Here is an offer that was turned down for the slugging third baseman.

Corey says he wouldn’t trade another popular name at the moment, Joc Pederson, for Bryant.

Matthew has the same strategy I’m guessing a lot of people have which is try and trade him while his stock is high.

Lastly and I’m guessing a popular opinion around fantasy comes from Selena on trading Kris Bryant.

Every fantasy team has different strengths and weaknesses. You should always try to trade from a strength to hopefully make your weakness a strength. You can judge your strengths by having more than one player who can start at a position on your team. For example, if you have Kris Bryant as your starting third baseman and Josh Donaldson is his backup, this gives you two players who could start at third for almost any team, so third base is one of your strengths. Just because somebody floats a big name at you in a trade offer make sure it makes sense for your team.

If you were able to pick up or draft Kris Bryant, you are in the driver’s seat in trade talks. You can get exactly what you want for him (if you want to trade him).

So the question is, what might be good trade value for him?

Keeper League:
Guys, I’d trade the 23 year-old Kris Bryant straight up for:
Mike Trout (Age: 23)
Giancarlo Stanton (Age: 25)
Paul Goldschmidt (Age: 27)
Bryce Harper (Age: 22)
Clayton Kershaw (Age: 27)
Matt Harvey (Age: 26)
Felix Hernandez (Age: 29)
Jose Abreu (Age: 28)

Guys, I think about trading him straight up for:
Andrew McCutchen (Age: 28)
Troy Tulowitzki (Age: 30)
Joc Pederson (Age: 23)
Chris Sale (Age: 26)
Anthony Rizzo (Age: 25)

Those are some names that, if you traded in a one-for-one deal, I don’t think you get called crazy. Tulo is my only question mark on that list because of the injury problems and he is 30. I would look to get Tulo plus another young guy for Bryant just because of the injury risk.

In yearly leagues (non-keeper), I’d be trying to trade for the guys listed above or any two of the top 50 or so players in fantasy. If you trade Bryant this year, you’d still be able to draft him next year.

If you’re a proud fantasy owner of Kris Bryant, congratulations. And if you decide to trade him, don’t settle for anything less than the best. If you are wanting to trade for him, good luck, you better come with some heat.

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