The 10 Best Throwback Uniforms In Baseball History

We all love throwback uniforms, and there have been a few quite memorable ones over the years. The White Sox did in fact wear shorts for one year as depicted above, but another one of their throwback makes this list. Here are the best throwbacks in MLB history.

10) Tampa Bay Rays


These throwbacks are crisp and clean. A great look for the Rays, and a nice start to this list.


9) Philadelphia Phillies


These blue alternatives were big in the 80’s when Mike Schmidt was manning the hot corner, and now they are a nice tribute to a great team from the past.


8)Milwaukee Brewers


These pinstripe uniforms are a lot nicer than the grey and gold they wear today. Plus the M and B in their logo that looks like a mitt, depicted above on the pullover in the background, is one of the nicest of all time.


7) Los Angeles Angels


You might remember these uniforms from Angels in the Outfield (which was somehow ignored at the Academy Awards way back in 1994), but they are a nice throwback to he California Angels of the 70’s and 80’s.


6) Houston Astros


The classic starburst uniforms. Man these things are pretty. You’re more likely to see one of these on a fan in Minute Maid Park than an Astros jersey from today.


5) Baltimore Orioles


These all orange uniforms were the Orioles’ alternative back in the 70’s, and now the current Orioles wear them on occasion. Great look.


4) Chicago White Sox


One of the more popular throwbacks in baseball, every thing is just right about this uniform. The design, the lettering, the numbers on the pants. Wish the Sox brought this out more often.


3) Pittsburgh Pirates


The Pirates black and gold makes for a lot of great uniform ideas, and they knocked it out of the park with this one. Crisp and clean, the stripes on the hat are the icing on the cake on this great look.


2) San Diego Padres


Now brown and yellow aren’t ideal colors for a team, but the Padres manage to make it work. With a light brown as the primary and a darker yellow for the secondary, these “Brown” uniforms as they’ve been called are a job well done by the franchise, and a great look for the Friars.


1) Oakland Athletics

My god, this is a great looking uniform. Green and gold, bright, vibrant, and stirrups. Easily takes the number-one spot.


Agree/Disagree with the list? Didn’t see your favorite teams uniform on here? Let me know in the comments section.




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