MLB Power Rankings: May 25

Happy Monday sports fans! These past two weeks have seen a lot of turnaround in MLB with six teams moving down at least five spots in my power rankings. The New York Yankees are, of course, one of those six teams. The Yankees have lost nine of their last 10 games including six in a row, and landed themselves 15 spots lower than their previous rankings. It’s not always negative, however, because there were also six teams that moved up at least five spots, led by the Cleveland Indians, who moved up nine spots. Trevor Bauer led the Indians to two wins this week while posting a 1.20 ERA.

One developing story that we will certainly be keeping an eye on is the Dodgers’ drop. Following a 3-game sweep by the Giants in which the Dodgers failed to score a run in each game, the Dodgers’ finally dropped in my rankings. L.A. Blue have been riddled with injuries all season, and it is starting to catch up with them.  My Dodgers’ reining “hitter of the week” Yasmani Grandal was the most recent to join Yasiel Puig, Hyun-jin Ryu, Brandon McCarthy, and others on the DL. Grandal was placed on the 7-day DL on Saturday with a concussion and is expected to be back soon.

Starting this week, I will not only be awarding franchise hitter and pitcher of the week awards, but also league wide awards for hitter and pitcher of the week. Keep reading and find out who wins on the last page!

So without further ado:

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