Khris Davis almost loses home run for missing plate

In a move akin to NFL wide receiver DeSean Jackson dropping the ball before crossing the goal line, Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielder Khris Davis nearly lost a home run yesterday afternoon for failing to execute the most basic of baseball actions. After Davis connected against San Francisco Giants’ starter Tim Lincecum, manager Bruce Bochy immediately came out to talk to home plate umpire Will Little.

Little ruled Davis had missed home plate as he skipped across, and called him out. The Brewers immediately challenged, and Major League Baseball’s replay office reversed the call and put the run back on the board.

Both managers agreed that the call was extremely close.

“It was close. It was really close,” Brewers manager Craig Counsell conceded.

“It was so close. I want to have that option,” Bochy said. “Even though you’re right there, there’s a human error factor.”

It was close, but in the end, the correct call was made and Davis kept his fourth home run of the season.


Had the initial ruling held, Davis would have been credited with a triple with the putout awarded to catcher Andrew Susac. Lincecum would have been given an assist on the play.

Davis was more careful two innings later after homering in the bottom of the third. Davis briefly interrupted his skip across the plate to plant his foot firmly in the center of it. This drew a loud cheer from the Miller Park faithful.

The Brewers ultimately went on to lose the Memorial Day game 8-4 after surrendering seven runs in the top of the sixth. The Brew Crew falls to 16-30 with the loss. After the loss, Davis did not want the focus to be on his near misstep at the plate.

“I think about being the best teammate I can be,” Davis said. “Guys are struggling, but try to put a smile on everyone’s face and remind them this game is fun, even through a struggle. It doesn’t last forever.”

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