Bryce Harper is displeased with most recent HR

You could forgive Bryce Harper for being a little displeased with his most recent home run, which game off the Chicago Cubs’ Kyle Hendricks in the seventh inning of last night’s 3-2 loss for the Washington Nationals. It only landed four rows deep in the Wrigley Field bleachers, not quite reaching the lofty standard Harper has set for himself as 400 footers continue to make their way onto his resume. 

Harper got a high fastball on a 3-1 pitch from Hendricks and sent what appeared to be a lazy fly ball to left. Cubs’ left-fielder Chris Coghlan appeared to have a bead on it. Harper, never one for emotional displays, of course, disgustedly tossed his bat to the side and jogged towards first base.


Harper must have forgotten where he was playing. Here’s the thing about Chicago, it’s windy. The city’s nickname says it all. A nice little lakefront breeze, combined with the short Wrigley Field fence in left, turned Harper’s lazy fly ball into a game-tying solo shot. Watching that ball just continue to carry shows that no fly ball off the bat of Harper, who generates a ridiculous amount of lift on his swing, can be written off too soon. 

While this might not have been the most impressive home run of Harper’s season, it may end up being the most entertaining just for Harper’s reaction alone. They can’t all be moonshots, Bryce, but I’m glad you were still able to give this wall scraper just a little bit of showmanship.

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