Recap: First All-Star Ballot Update

The first 2015 MLB All-Star Game ballot update for both leagues did not disappoint. There were both expectations and surprises.

One expectation was that both leagues’ top teams would be well-represented. The reigning American League champions are certainly present in the voting so far with five of the nine starters at the moment donning a royal blue uniform and are for the most part very deserving of the all-star honor. Sounds a little similar to last year’s Oakland Athletics, who had six team members on the American League roster. On the other side of Missouri, the Cardinals are making their mark on the National League roster with four of the nine starting spots hailing from St. Louis.

While it’s nice to see the two top record holders be well-represented, some of those current leaders are a little questionable. For instance, Alcides Escobar as the starting shortstop? I would not expect his lead to last long with Detroit’s Jose Iglesias not trailing too far behind. Hopefully, he will be able to pull through his latest knee injury and pass Escobar on the ballot.

Another questionable fan decision was Matt Holliday taking the number two outfield spot on the NL roster. The National League outfield might not be as stellar as it has been in years past, but wouldn’t Miami Mightyman Giancarlo Stanton at least be ranked ahead of Holliday? I digress.

As far as top overall vote getters go, the top three are the Royals’ Salvador Perez (1,447,753), Lorenzo Cain (1,376,217), and Detroit’s perennial all-star Miguel Cabrera (1,347,351).  In the National League, the highest vote getter was, unsurprisingly, the Nationals’ superstar outfielder Bryce Harper (1,116,582), ranking ninth overall.

Where was the reigning AL MVP Mike Trout? Don’t worry, the fans showed him some love too. Trout is currently sitting at fifth overall with 1,297,085 votes, which was enough to earn him the second outfield spot. But with Trout seemingly coming back down to earth this season, it would not be too much of a shock to see him slip in the standings between now and July.

The point is, anything can happen between now and July 2 when ballots officially close. Players who are hot right now, have plenty of time to cool down before the All-Star Game. Just as quickly, other players can heat up and find their way in the standings. We will just have to wait until the next ballot update and see.

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