WATCH: Jimmy Paredes Steals Home

Apparently the Houston Astros have about as much trouble defending a first-and-third stolen base attempt as your average teener league team.

In the fourth inning of last night’s game against the Houston Astros, with Jimmy Paredes on third and Adam Jones on first, Jones broke for second on a 2-2 pitch. The Astros’ Marwin Gonzalez, cut the throw from catcher Jason Castro off in front of second base. Paredes broke for home, and beat the return throw from Gonzalez to the plate. Paredes and Jones, two of the Orioles’ hardest charging players proved to be the perfect combination to pull off the steal of home.

Paredes’ steal was the Orioles’ first since last August, when Jones pulled off a similar play against Tampa Bay on August 28. Jones was on first after dropping down a surprise bunt following a Paredes’ double. The Orioles usually rely on the home run, so the small ball that led to their first run of the night was a sight for sore eyes.

“With Buck it’s never out of the question to do something like that,” Davis said. “When I saw Adam take off and I saw the throw go down to second, I took my eyes off the second baseman or the shortstop and I looked at Jimmy so I didn’t really see what the shortstop did. But Jimmy did a great job of getting to the outside and getting his hand in. … Little things like that can put the momentum back in the team’s dugout.”

The Orioles did get back to the long ball immediately following the steal, as Chris Davis and Steve Pearce went back-to-back to swell the Orioles run total to four. Davis ultimately provided the game-winning run on a solo shot in the eighth inning.

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