What Options Do The Cardinals Have At First Base?

Option 4: Trade for a second-tier first baseman like Adam Lind

If the Cardinals aren’t willing to pay Howard’s price tag, they could very well go after a second-tier first baseman like Adam Lind, Ike Davis, Chris Davis, Daniel Nava, or even Aramis Ramirez. most of these options should come at a relatively modest price, and could offer some stability, although each has his own drawbck, whether it be age, general lack of production, or the uncertainty of price. Lind and Ike Davis seem the safest bets. Lind is currently slashing .276/.360/.506 with 8 homers in Milwaukee. Davis is with Oakland right now, and is slashing a healthy .282/.348/.427. Making one of these moves wouldn’t be an overly sexy one that would break headlines but John Mozeliak is a smart man, and he knows what he needs.

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